Andrew Mark Schaeffer

Andrew Mark Schaffer is an award nominated Singer/Songwriter from Allentown, Pennsylvania. The acoustic guitar is his weapon of choice, and he uses it to the fullest extent he can. Performing live music is Andrew’s full time job, and he takes pride in his live performances. It is his goal to put on the best, and most impressive show that he can. Using an ever growing collection of equipment like a loop pedal, a delay pedal, a wah pedal, a slide, a harmonica, and more; Andrew uses them to make his performance more than just getting through a three minute song. Andrew uses powerful vocals, energetic dancing, as well as energetic acoustic guitar solos to grab the audience’s attention. Andrew makes sure when he is by himself he can grab the attention of the room just as much as a full band could.

Andrew makes every performance different than the last by using improvisation for guitar solos and singing. Sometimes he will perform complete improvised songs off the top of his head. Using a diverse catalog of original and cover songs, Andrew makes sure that no two shows are the same. Andrew tries to stay away from playing songs he performed at his last performance, and his last performance at the same venue. It is his goal to play 20 songs at one show, 20 different songs the next show, and to continue that pattern as much as he can. Andrew also brings his own interpretation to many cover songs he performs by adding improvised jams to them. He will also improvise new lyrics that pertain to the night, turn a song into a medley mash up, as well as mix together an interpolation of an audience request into his next song he was planning to play.

Andrew has been influenced by Dave Matthews Band, Billy Joel, Colin Hay (Men At Work), Phil Collins (Genesis), Coldplay, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Phillip Phillips, Frank Sinatra, AC/DC, and a continuing number of different types of music. To Andrew music is the most important part of a song. Complex, thought out, and beautiful instrumentation that evokes an emotional response is the type of music Andrew hopes to make. Andrew writes music that comes straight from his heart. Writing the music before he even knows what the lyrics will be, he composes the piece by thinking about the topic of the song or how he is feeling, and then transfers those feelings into a guitar piece.

Andrew writes songs to say things he can’t say to people, to let certain people know how much he values them, and to vent frustrations he has about the world. He hopes that his music can speak to as many people as possible. To give people hope, relief, a sense that they aren’t alone, and the comfort of knowing someone else feels what they feel; like all his favorite musicians have done for him.

Come see Andrew perform his 2017 “Proving Them Wrong” Tour while he works on completing more studio projects. His current full band single “Serenity Now…” is available on this website, ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more!