Brahman Noodles

The Brahman Noodles started performing under this name soon after a somewhat inaudible muttering from lead guitarist Jimmy Petrohilos over a bowl of Top Ramen.” I was trying to say ‘I am really getting tired of eating ramen noodles’ but it came out sounding more like Brahman Noodles” said Jimmy . A friend, Alexis, exclaimed” there is your band name! The Brahman Noodles”. Jimmy started drawing up different faunts and lettering and thought The Brahman Noodles is a great band name. A close friend and co founder Brandon Sengstack and Jimmy took a week long poll from local business owners, whose heritage is Indian, and they unanimously gave the thumbs up and found no offense with the play on words.The rest has been show after show and a lot of fun yet hard work. They hooked up with bassist Scott Innes who plays an acoustic bass in the band and has a way of injecting funk into an Americana style.Scott also sings lead and backup on some of the over 100 tunes on a setlist spanning generations and bringing it all into the moment. They play locally and regionally throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. Their style of music is known as Jug Funk , based on a nickname given to Jimmy also known as Jimmy James Jug Funk Petrohilos. The style is a hybrid of blues,funk, jug band and Americana.The style can be heard throughout their funky improvistional jamacoustic sound. The Brahman Noodles has something in their catalog that can find a happy common ground for almost any event.They have their own take on many rock,country,reggae and R&B. Jimmy has traveled all over the country and says a lot of his style was shaped while living in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozarks. “ The folk music of that area is such percussive style “ that really grabbed me especially the sound of the slide guitar with the rythm” The BrahmanNoodles love to travel and are comfortable and happy to bring the magic to anywhere from a local tavern or pub to wineries , breweries and festivals.