Matt Miller

A longtime resident of Flagstaff, Arizona, Matt Miller grew up on a farm outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He has been a full-time musician since 2007 (after an ill-fated attempt at grad school in 2006-07 led him to flee the math department at University of Arizona in Tucson to return to the high desert mountain breezes of Flagstaff.) He began touring in 2009, and logged some 40,000 miles in three and a half years. Starting in 2013 he began spending winters playing shows back east to be near family.

The baritone guitar is built to be tuned between a guitar and a bass; with longer and thicker strings than a conventional 6-string, it is extremely versatile. Coupled with a Boomerang 3 loop pedal, alto saxophone, and concert flute, Matt Miller’s sound is extremely varied, with a quorum of funk and jazz influence but a smattering of many styles and flavors. His lyrics are heavily influenced by his classical education and somewhat extensive familiarity with nerd literature. His music is available at