Pale Barn Ghosts

The Pale Barn Ghosts met in the Winter of 2007. The future bandmates had been laid off from their jobs and decided to seek employment through a local temp agency. They were assigned jobs at the local cemetery, working as Cemetery Maintenance Technicians. (The ground was particularly frozen that year, and extra manpower was needed to dig the plots.) Not their first choice for work, but they took what they could get. The Suicide rate that Winter had nearly doubled from the year before, so the hours were very long. Even on the days when the outside temperature was above freezing, one grave could take up to three hours to dig. To escape the cold, and to thaw out their frostbitten hands, the three would retreat to an abandoned, civil war era barn, that lie at the far corner of the cemetery property. The old barn was known to the groundskeepers as the pale barn. (It seems that everytime someone would go into the barn, they would come out looking very pale, as if they had just seen a ghost.) Despite its hauntings, the barn provided a refuge from the cold, as well as a convenient place to take your break. And since the senior groundskeepers lived in fear of its omens, no one bothered you if you decided to take an extra hour for lunch. It was in the barn that the three played music together for the first time. During an unusually slow work day, the boys decided to do a little spring cleaning in the barn, so they would have a tidy place to relax. While clearing out an old casket, to take afternoon naps in, they found some old guitars. (As it happens, during a re-investigation of a murder that took place sometime in the 1930’s. The guitars had been exhumed, along with the bodies of the victims. The bodies had long been returned to their graves, but the instruments they were buried with had been forgotten in the barn.) The instruments were dusted off and the trio began making up songs to pass the time. The sounds that came from the barn further added to its spookiness. And from then on, the “Pale Barn Ghosts” were never bothered on their lunch break again.