Sons of Man

Past bands (not all, but most)

Not the the East Coast renowned classic rock cover band that plays the Purple Moose in Ocean City….but the never seen, garage band that had 50+ people at every practice in Cyril’s garage. Adam and Ryans introduction came from this band. Also Jared, Ryan’s brother, who originally played bass with Sons was in this band. We were so young and fearless which sometimes led to good results and sometimes not so much. This was 3/4 of the founding members of Sons of Man jamming more than a decade ago. Its awesome how things work out. Adam and Ryan have been playing together for years as a result of this and Ryan has been quoted ” when Adam quits I’m done” just to give you an idea of the loyalty they share.
Sidenote: We miss Jared very much and he will always be a part of Sons of Man Sidenote to the sidenote: Hankey is kick freakin ass on the bass and we are so lucky to have found a replacement for Jared that blended in seamlessly.

Red Headed Stepchild
Shippensburg University cover band that played some frat parties (namely Acacia) and a few local Shippensburg bars before Ryan decided to join the Navy for reasons we will never know.

13th Floor
Solid band that played dozens of bars and clubs in the area. With the help of our good buddy Eric Peterson, this was Ryans most successful band prior to Sons. A few really good originals came out of the basement and a lot of great memories still bring smiles.

The Phipps Brothers
Dave was the curly haired beat maker for some of the best blues jams ever. Aaron and Ashley Phipps blazed the strings while Dave laid down the funk. This is where Dave and Ryan first met and performed together. Some awesome times on the deck at the Ox led to a great friendship and musically joining at the hip.

Kenton Shelly Band
This is Jason’s other band. He’s been jammin peoples faces off for over a decade with Kenton and the boys. Amazing, groovy, funky originals with incredible guitar work and precise drumming and Jasons unmatched bass skills make for a great experience on stage. These guys are great and definitely worth checking out!!

Bottom Line: there is a long lineage of music prowess and individual histories… but we have come together for one reason. That reason is to play what we would want to hear and to blow peoples minds with how well we do so. Hey you gotta have goals right?
We love music
We love playing things right
We love each other
and we would like to love you, but we’re gonna have to get to know each other first.